About Me

Hi I’m Angie. Menopause Coach, menopause in the workplace consultant, collector of house plants, avid trail runner, and founder of the ‘finding yourself in menopause’ online community.

Of course, I haven’t always done this.

Back in 2013 I was at a real low point.

Hardly sleeping, struggling with my thoughts, my body, my head.

I felt teary a lot of the time, and very misunderstood. I couldn’t seem to express how I really felt, everything was a struggle.

And yet if we’d gone out for a drink back then, you would never have known about any of it.

On the face of it, everything looked great. I had some decisions to make, first world problems you could say. But on the inside, I became evermore overwhelmed and stuck in anxiety, disrupted sleep, indecision and struggling to know how to help myself.

There came a point when I realised, I just wasn’t coping very well on my own (How true this is for many of my clients, when they first approach me)

Although I wasn’t going through the menopause at that time, I see many parallels in who I was back then, and the women I help today.

Battling with myself daily, too focused on individual issues to see a clear path forward – it sounds a cliché but to solve it, really was an evolutionary process for me. But I certainly didn’t make it easy on myself.

I invested thousands of pounds into myself, my business, trying to get back to the person I thought I should be; only to find that I was overcomplicating everything and suffering all the more for it.

If only I’d known what I know now.  That feeling energised, confident and strong, and making the right choices to get my life back together – could be so much more simple than I was making it. A step by step approach, quite literally. 

Hormones are complicated enough already and peri-menopause can feel very confusing and uncertain. There are no extra prizes for going through this life transition on your own!

The people who seek my help are not only wanting to alleviate physical challenges such as weight gain, low energy, poor sleep. They also talk about not feeling content in themselves, or even not liking who they’re becoming, and wanting to feel happier within themselves.

My background is scientific (BSc, MSc), and I’m certified in supporting women in the peri to post menopause journey, through the world-class training provider Burrell Education.

I’ve been a Menopause Coach since 2016. My experience and understanding at a personal level, plus scientific knowledge affords me a deep understanding of why we all need a holistic (whole body) approach. We’re far more than a sterile collection of hormones!

I help you to understand what’s going on for you, in clear and easy to understand terms. I can then provide help and support using science-backed and effective strategies, so that you can regain some balance again.

It saddens me to see women struggle on their own, or be left overwhelmed and stressed, not knowing what to do or where to start.

As I walk alongside you, at peri or post menopause, I’ll show you how to alleviate low mood and physical symptoms, find your inner confidence, encourage genuine self-worth, feel more in control and get off the emotional rollercoaster for good.



What Do I Do?

I bring women together in my online community (Finding Yourself In Menopause) who are wanting an uplifting, encouraging and supportive approach to menopause and midlife.

If you want to feel better more quickly, you can get in touch about one to one sessions

For those who aren’t ready for direct support, there is also a self-guided printed booklet; the Womanual. Or, get instant access to many helpful videos on my YouTube channel, and years worth of posts on my social media.


Angie Garton

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