August 2020

1.) Look past the horror stories you might have heard, or what you remember your mum / aunt / sister, going through.
It’s different for every woman, and you have much more control than you’re often led to believe.

2.) Start to put some time aside each week for fun, me-time and mini-adventure.
This might be a walk with a podcast, a cup of tea on the beach / garden, prepping veg and dancing in the kitchen every Sunday, or something more daring.
It doesn’t matter, as long as it feels like effortless fun to you and is FOR YOU.

3.) Upgrade your meals
Vegetables are a priority now. Eating for your hormones doesn’t need to be complicated – and you don’t need to be vegan – but you do need to put more veg on your plate, than anything else.

4.) Detox (your head) like a mofo.
When you notice your thoughts and internal / external conversations are less than helpful – do what you can to change them.
Don’t buy into everything your head comes up with.

5.) Accept that you have a choice.
You can do this on your own, or you can get some help (whatever that means to you).
‘Put up and get on with it’ is as dry and outdated for your health, as eating weetabix and low fat yoghurt.

6.) Start to get savvy on what hormones are really all about.
I mean, beyond the horror stories, the symptoms and beyond the messy periods.
You could even buy the Womanual, instead of trying to navigate the eleventy billion hits you get from Dr Google.

I’m giving you this advice, not just because I’m qualified to give it, not just because I’ve SEEN it help my clients,
but also, because this first line above, describes ME.

I only ever give advice that I myself would be willing to follow, and advice that will actually make a difference.