There are more than two characters in your menopause story. Can we talk about that?

There are more than two characters in your menopause story. Can we talk about that?

Menopause is not just a conversation about ovaries and oestrogen.

[May 2020]

It’s also adrenals, thyroid and digestion, testosterone, insulin, cortisol, HGH and more. 
If we only talked about ovaries and oestrogen, we’d be missing out HUGE pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

The very same puzzle that brings you back to you, the real you underneath all the hormonal crap.
You’re still under there by the way.

Yeah, I’m well aware of how confusing and overwhelming it sounds, but don’t reach for that search engine just yet!

All the women I’ve helped so far (I lost count in the hundreds), all found their symptoms were improved by taking some action on a ‘base’ of: 

  • Drinking more water than anything else
    Even if you end up drinking coffee later, let’s at least set the intention for more water.
  • Taking practical steps to improve sleep quality
    I know you don’t want to hear it, but the bedtime habits really do count!
  • Appropriate exercise
    Not all exercise is ‘right’ for every woman
  • Eating for hormonal balance
    Instead of fixating on calories or weight loss, the latter comes as a nice side-effect when we do the above
  • Doing some ‘life laundry’ and addressing stress
    Just start with the smaller piles that feel manageable, ok?

I’m not saying your problems aren’t bigger than this, I’m saying that if we’re really going to alleviate the layers of symptoms you might be experiencing, we need to start with the big rocks first.

It may be that along the way, we discover you need a little extra help with something. That might lead onto supporting you for digestive health, or hormonal therapy, or herbal supplements.

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t feel some improvement from fine-tuning their ‘base’ strategies, starting with the above.
Which starts to build the confidence and belief in yourself, that you have got what it takes to work on the rest.

I know that it seems a bit ‘far fetched’ for this to be true, and I know that nobody really wants to be doing it. 
Drinking water and eating vegetables instead of hobnobs is BORING!
(if you don’t know how to make it enjoyable, that is)

Most people overlook the 5 points above. I’ve had clients tell me they didn’t think it would work for them, that my approach sounded too simple.

I get it.

But the low moods, sleep problems, hot flushes, belly fat, heavy periods, PMT, emotional outbursts, they really DID improve. 
Take a quick scroll through this page to see what they said themselves.

Daily actions form the basis of survive or thrive. Sink or swim.
It’s the basis, not the everything. We have to start somewhere, and this is it.

Even with medication (which I’m not against btw), we can’t take a detour around the base habits.

If it sounds simple, surely that’s a reason to give a go, not a reason to dismiss it?

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What’s the ‘alternative’ to HRT?

“Is there a list of essential supplements I need to know about?”

Surely if you’re going to ‘do menopause naturally’, you’re going to need something else?

To replace the medication that most people use?

What’s the real ‘alternative’ to that?

Ok. I know it seems like the answer must be in a bottle or glass jar of some kind, or maybe a drink?

Especially when you’re trying so hard, and still feeling more up and down than a yo-yo (wow that’s a dated analogy, but I think we’re a similar age).

The ‘supplements conversation’ is mostly reserved for clients, women who are in my programmes or paid groups. 

Not because I’m a bitch and purposefully hold useful info back from you. No, it’s because it can actually be quite dangerous to go try this or that, and I really don’t want to be putting you at risk, or making anything worse.

In the first instance, we have to ask the question – what exactly are we supplementing?

A lifestyle rich in late nights and coffee? A regular pattern of overwhelm and rumination?

Because there ain’t no supplement that will ‘solve’ that kind of tiredness and stress. Let’s not waste money on tablets and instead focus on the real causes of the problem.

I know how annoying it is, that there isn’t a single one-sentence answer, for the questions like…

‘What will help me sleep better?’
Or … ‘How can I get rid of brain fog?’ … ‘How do I stop the hot sweats?’ … ‘Why am I so emotional?’

There is no single pill (medical or holistic) that will solve it. However, there is PLENTY you can do, to feel better and even solve the problem.

I would love to say it can all be solved in a week by taking x,y,z. But I’d be lying. 

However, most symptoms CAN DEFINITELY be improved within a week. Yes.

When my clients report fast improvements like that, it’s always from a build up of habits, or a few easy tweaks with food, daily routines that affect mindset and the like. 

I know, nobody really wants to get up and start making an omelette instead of pouring a bowl of granola. Me too. I used to be a cereal monster. And toast!

Would I like a bottle of beer and a family bag of Maltesers tonight instead of a herbal tea? Sure I would. I’m human too.

But I can’t slip back into habits like that, and also expect any supplements I do take, to work for me. 

I’m not saintly, none of my clients are either. We feel better because we do the things that work, MOST of the time. 

It gets easier, especially when you notice how it feels, when you really know it’s making a difference. 

Supplements are a bit like the icing on the cake, they finish things off but they’re not always completely necessary to make a pretty decent cake.

It doesn’t make sense to put the icing on just yet. There’s a bit more to it than weighing out some ingredients, and licking the mixture off the spoon. And maybe you won’t even need that icing (it’s definitely possible).

First though, we’re going to need to look at what needs to change, and help you find ways to make it easier for yourself

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Yes, I’m talking about food, water intake, daily habits. Not just ‘healthy eating’, that’s just too vague a term now. In peri-menopause, we need to go a bit further than that.

That’s why symptoms are useful. They’re like signposts, pointing the way forwards. Shining a light on a clue, giving you a nudge to have a look at the bigger picture. 

I know how much you want me to give you a list of supplements, and just be done with it. I have to tell you though, none of my clients overcame their sleep issues or anxiety by taking tablets as a first course of action

(and I think they were ALL surprised at how quickly they felt better, once they actually got started on using my strategies)

When it comes to alleviating any of the typical menopause symptoms (tiredness, poor memory, emotional outbursts, weight gain, hot flushes), we need to go upstream, instead of wading through the problems at the bottom of the river.

Menopause can feel complicated enough already. We shouldn’t add to that, we need to look at ways of simplifying it.

If you’ve not yet joined my free facebook community – Menopause Done Naturally – then all you need to do is click the button below. It’s available to all women who are seeking some basic advice about how to navigate the menopause in a natural way.